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Apply Online: Part 1

If you’ve already begun an application, you may access My Saved Application.

We have a two-part application process. Part 1 consists of a data-entry component, a narrative and attachments.

After providing basic information about your organization, you’ll be asked to prepare a narrative describing your grant request. You’ll need to create your own document and submit that narrative as an attachment via our online application system.

In addition you’ll be asked to upload several other documents.

If the activity you describe fits one or more of our strategic priorities and our budget, we’ll request additional information. This will constitute Part 2 of the application process. 

Once you start your application, you will have 120 days to complete it.

Information You’ll Need

When you’re ready to create an online application account, you’ll need your tax identification number. 

In addition to basic information about your organization, you’ll be asked to prepare a narrative describing:

  • Your community. Please include a profile of the population and a description of the community, its assets, anchor organizations and challenges.
  • The system, cross-sector, or community problem/challenge/need/opportunity you are proposing and the process by which you determined this focus.
  • Your proposed work under this grant including the specific activities you will pursue to address the identified problem/challenge/need/opportunity identified in question; the specific changes you expect to see;  the timframe for these activities; and the partners involved in your proposed work.
  • The ways you will know if you are making progress against your proposed activites and ways you will collect and/or track relevant quantitative and/or qualitative data to assess progress.
  • How the proposed activities support fair and equitable social, cultural, physical and economic development for low-income and marginalized people, remembering that our interest extends beyond the arts community.

 You’ll also be asked to attach:

  • An annual organizational operating budget - for the fiscal year that most closely corresponds with the requested grant period, reflecting confirmed and projected sources of revenue and intended expenses, listing each separately.
  • Demographic data sheet – Download and save locally. Complete the entries on the locally saved document, and then upload the final version.                              
  • Line-item project budget: a line-item project expense and revenue budget (if you are requesting project support)  If the request spans more than 12 months, please provide a project budget breakdown by year
  • Timeline: for project completion, specifying activities during the grant period.

File Types

Attachments must be submitted as Adobe Acrobat PDFs, or in Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX), Microsoft Excel (XLS, XLSX) format. PDFs are preferred.

Other formats cannot be read by reviewers and cannot be accepted.


Applications can only be considered if completed in full.

Once you press the “submit” button, you will not be able to retrieve your application to make additional changes.

Tech Specs

Our online system is compatible with Internet Explorer 8 and 9 and Mozilla Firefox 4.0. Other industry-standard browsers may perform satisfactorily, but have not been certified by the developer of the product we use. Your Web browser must allow cookies.

As part of this process, we’ll send you email to confirm receipt of your application, and a follow-up message confirming that your application is under review by a program officer.

If you use a spam filter, you could have trouble receiving these messages. They will come from the address and/or the domain


Please contact us by email or at 248-643-9630.


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