Public Health Institute invites applications for work at intersection of public health and climate change

Kresge-supported grants will be awarded for pilot project in California.

May 01, 2013

The Public Health Institute is offering grants for projects to address the interaction of climate change and public health issues – with a special focus on the impact on vulnerable urban populations.

Three grants ­– each for $20,000 over 12 months – will fund pilot projects in geographically diverse urban communities in California to demonstrate ways to incorporate climate change efforts into a current public health program and/or enhance public health through ongoing climate change work.

The Public Health Institute identifies climate change as the greatest public health challenge of the 21st century. Funded by Kresge, the grants are aimed at collaboration to improve public health while finding steps to slow or prepare for climate change.

Kresge programs expand opportunities for vulnerable people in American cities. They include an Environment Program, which works to mitigate the severity of climate change and prepare for its unavoidable impacts, and a Health Program, which aims to reduce health disparities by promoting conditions and environments that lead to positive health outcomes for all Americans.

The pilot projects should develop models that can be replicated and scaled up in size. Proposed projects can be new or complement existing activities.

Public health problems such as asthma, access to healthy foods and urban heat islands are especially affected by a changing climate, but those are not the only potential problems.    Applicants are encouraged to target other areas where public health is affected by climate change and then identify measures to improve the conditions.

Based in Oakland, Calif., the Public Health Institute has 40 years of experience promoting health, well-being and quality of life throughout California and elsewhere. With a team of experts drawn from different fields, PHI is working to create a “climate of health” through its Center for Public Health and Climate Change.

Funding for the pilot projects is part of a larger grant to the Public Health Institute from Kresge’s Environment and Health programs. 

Applications and more information can be found at Applications are due by July 1, 2013.