Grant awarded in 2014

The organization conducts research and promotes policies to improve the quality of life for children. Funding supports a pilot program to expand grocery store access in four low-income neighborhoods in Houston, as well as efforts to develop local healthy food financing initiatives and influence state and regional policies that affect access to healthy foods.

Ann Arbor, Mich.
Grant awarded in 2014

The university’s Center for Managing Chronic Disease serves as the principle evaluator of efforts by grantees of Kresge’s Safety Net Enhancement Initiative to share lessons learned about the effects of multi-sector partnerships on community health. This grant supports a comprehensive study of those efforts to date, their effectiveness and overall impact on population health in their communities.

Charlottesville, Va.
Grant awarded in 2014

The organization is the fiscal sponsor for the Science Communication Network, which works to identify, prioritize and publicize emerging environmental public health research. This grant supports efforts to facilitate communication between scientists studying environmental health and journalists covering the field and produce high-quality, accurate media coverage about environmental exposures and the disproportionate effects they have on low-income communities.

Ann Arbor, Mich.
Grant awarded in 2014

The university’s Center for Law, Ethics and Health researches the influence of law and ethics on health care and public health systems. Funding supports a strategic analysis and design of a program by the center to help local health departments in Michigan adapt to changes and develop public health efforts in the context of health care reform.

Baltimore, Md.
Grant awarded in 2014

The liberal-arts honors university is home to the Hilltop Institute, a nationally recognized research center dedicated to improving the health and social outcomes of vulnerable populations. This two-year grant continues support for Hilltop’s Community Benefit Program, which studies benefits of tax-exempt hospitals in local communities and informs policymakers about those benefits and changes in the field.

Oakland, Calif.
Grant awarded in 2014

Through its diverse programs and projects, the institute addresses emerging public health issues and solutions, and fosters innovation to meet today’s most significant public health challenges. Funding supports a demonstration project in five cities around the country to develop agreements and strategies among hospitals, financial institutions and community organizations to reduce population health disparities in urban neighborhoods.

Concord, Calif.
Grant awarded in 2014

The center was founded on the premise that design can be used to improve patient outcomes in health care environments. This two-year grant supports work to help health care organizations and real estate developers design or improve built environments to increase patient access to health services and promote healthy living, reduce obesity and prevent chronic diseases.

Grant awarded in 2015

The nonpartisan organization is dedicated to saving lives by protecting the health of every community and elevating disease prevention to a national priority. It is using a two-year grant to develop and disseminate policy recommendations and identify funding opportunities that support the advance of a population health agenda at the national level. 

San Francisco
$1 million
Grant awarded in 2015

The foundation acts as the fiscal agent for the Convergence Partnership, a major collaboration of leading national health foundations that drives policy and environmental changes to address disparities and promote healthy people in healthy places. This two-year grant, awarded jointly by our Health and Arts & Culture program teams, supports the partnership and its initiatives to improve the built environment and food systems.