Annual Report

Kresge 2012 Annual Report

2012 Kresge Annual Report

Imagine a world where opportunity is abundant, extending to all people regardless of their ZIP code. There’s access to health care and higher education, fresh air, fresh food and vital neighborhoods. It’s safe to dream, and realistic to expect membership in the economic mainstream.

In 2012, we began concentrating our efforts in America’s cities. That’s where the majority of the population lives, and where potential for increasing widespread opportunity is greatest. The threads that align our programs with our mission also connect us with our partners and extend to those most in need. Read about the people of Syracuse, Detroit, Los Angeles, Palm Beach/Broward/Miami-Dade and Monroe counties, East Cleveland, San Antonio, Columbus and so many other communities across the nation.

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Letter From the Chairwoman
Letter From the President

Arts & Culture
Detroit/Community Development
Human Services

Social Investment Practice
Financial Report
National Perspective: Grants by Location
Overall Grant Activity

Grant Lists
Arts & Culture
Community Development
Human Services
Nonprofit Sector Support
President's Discretion

Board of Trustees and Staff


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